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About Us: Complete Air Services

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About Us
About Us

We take pride in our work and focus on your HVAC needs as a priority. Our team is drug-free, trained, and certified to perform the best HVAC services in the community.  If you search for AC companies in Hoover, AL then Complete Air Services Inc. is recommended for you.

With 35+ years in the industry, our team is ready to serve you. Our focus is to help you save money and obtain quality home comfort solutions for years to come.  We offer top-quality HVAC repair Hoover AL with effective services.

Complete Air Services Inc. is one of the best AC contractors in Hoover, AL.

Thank you for your trust and we stand ready to service your HVAC requests.

On average, we drink 2 liters of water a day but we breathe in more than 12,000 liters of air at the same amount of time. An average person spends more than 85% of their time inside an air-conditioned place. Do you know what is inside your AC and ducts, even before the air emitted from the system gets to your lungs? Or, do you know that you need an AC contractor in Hoover, AL, to clean you HVAC to get rid of impurities?

Who Are We? 

We have been providing residential and commercial air conditioning services for almost two decades. We have honed, refined, tested, and revised ourselves almost continuously, to guarantee an unmatched level of professionalism in the market through the years. Needless to say, currently we are counted among the most premium AC companies in Hoover, AL, for all AC related services.

What Do We Promise?

We promise nothing less than a clean and healthy indoor ambiance that you can feel. As a family operated business, we understand the importance of clean air conditioners, vents, and coils better than any other AC contractor in Hoover, AL. We uphold our standard in all commercial and residential AC cleaning services. We dedicate maximum time and human resources to a single project and dismantle the whole unit while cleaning and tuning up your HVAC system. With us, your system becomes healthier for the next two years, and with our minor and quarterly maintenance services in between, your unit gets an extended lifespan.

Why do You Need Our AC Cleaning and Other Services? 

  • There are particles of dust and debris blown continuously through the air inside your home or office AC system. Those contaminants accumulate in your AC vents and settle there due to the moisture in the surface brought by the condensing air.
  • The moisture generated from the system condenses in the ducts and the evaporator of the AC system, while the dust gets blown to the surfaces. Together they create a breeding ground for molds and can cause severe damage to your AC and lead to health issues in your family.
  • Your AC coils need cleaning when they produce a foul smell. The dirt accumulated from the outside air can cause blockage and lead to your AC system’s poor performance. If the air passages are blocked, the AC motor needs to work twice as hard to fill the room with cold air.
  • If your AC system is not cleaned regularly, it will fail to dehumidify the air properly. It can result in higher-level humidity in the room and cause serious health issues for you and your family.

What Do We Do? 

Our premium AC services include:

  • Free inspection of your system
  • Upfront quotation
  • Integrated cleaning and disinfecting of your air conditioning system
  • Cleaning of condenser coils and evaporator coils
  • AC deep cleaning services
  • Quality assurance
  • Air Conditioning Repair in Hoover, AL

Breath Clean Air All the Time inside Your Home. Call Us for A Free Inspection