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How To Prepare Your Heat Pump For The Heating Season?

Surviving in the winter season can be very hard without a proper heat pump. Before the arrival of the season, it is important to ensure that the device is in the best condition. Performing a thorough check-up and the much-needed heating repair Hoover AL will help you enjoy its benefits throughout the season. So, let us see what heating maintenance you would need to keep your place warm:

Check The HVAC Filter

The HVAC filter is an essential component of a heat pump. Ideally, it should be repaired once a year. It tends to collect dirt, dust, allergens, pet dander, etc. This can clog it and make it incapable of filtering the air. To breathe fresh and pure air, you should replace it with a new one once every season.

Check The Condition Of Registers And Vents

The next important thing you need to do is dust the registers and vents throughout the home. It is essential to do before using the heater. It will prevent the release of any dirt in the air. Also, ensure that nothing hinders the air circulation from the vents. Make sure the ducts are thoroughly cleaned and opened.

Do Not Keep Anything Near The Heat Pump

Examine the place where you have installed the heat pump. If you find any objects present around at least two ft. the heat pump’s distance, then remove them. This could be furniture, boxes, storage containers, yard tools, leaves, branches, etc. that can cause airflow issues. It is essential to pump distance using the presence of objects that can result in a fire hazard.

Removing these objects from the heat pump will help you obtain the maximum air circulation and run capably. So, to ensure that you and your family remain safe, you should keep the place around the heat pump clear.

Cover The Unit

There are possibilities that dust, dirt, etc. can enter the unit and can reduce its performance. Dirty air filters can obstruct the circulation of air through the HVAC system. This can make the unit overwork, which can result in a sudden increase in utility bills. An easy fix for this condition is to cover up the unit in the winter season.

Check the Thermostat Settings

A heat pump has got varying thermostat settings such as cool, heat, and emergency heat. When using the heat pump for the first time, you should ensure that you switch it to heat mode. Many users make the mistake of setting it to emergency heat mode.

Know that when you choose emergency heat mode, it considers the furnace as the heat source. It should be used only when the heat pump fails to iced up or is working. Also, the operational cost of running the system on emergency heat is much more than when you run it on regular heat mode.

Seek Professional Assistance

In addition to all the above steps, you must check the heat pump system’s condition every year. Yearly maintenance of the unit can help in the prevention of around ninety percent of breakdowns that are caused due to dirt. Regular maintenance also enhances the efficiency and life of the equipment.

If you have not had the unit’s yearly maintenance, then it is advised to schedule its maintenance before the winter season. Also, if you start to prepare your heat pump in the winter season, there are chances that you may not get the service professional quickly.

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