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Is It Better To Run The Furnace With Or Without A Filter?

When you are not allergic to dust, you might not need to bother about the filter. But this leads to putting your health at risk, you risk causing harm to your family, and the risks aren’t worth taking in the long run.

Having An Unclean Furnace Filter And Not Using A Filter Can Degrade Your Health Long-Term. For Instance:


  • Allergies: When the filter is dirty, allergies will worsen, complicating life.
  • Congestion due to sinusitis: Regular breathing becomes difficult in the absence of a filter.
  • Growth of mold: Mold can cause serious respiratory problems over time.

Each furnace & heat pump has a filter as a vital component. Dust and debris cannot enter the furnace through the furnace filter. By this, the furnace is protected, and the air is cleaner. 

Filters for furnaces can either be disposable or cleaned and reused. Either way, you need to change the furnace’s filters periodically to maintain their vital function of providing clean air circulation and protecting the furnace. We offer best furnace repair service in Hoover, AL at an affordable price. 

The air filter cannot function properly if it’s completely clogged, causing:

  • Despite the heat being on, the indoor temperature is cold
  • A lack of adequate airflow
  • Expenses are high
  • A deteriorating HVAC system
  • Overheating of furnace 

By performing preventive maintenance consistently, you can make sure your furnace lasts as long as possible. You can avoid immediate problems by putting them on the schedule. 

What happens When Run Without A Furnace Filter?

It is unlikely to cause damage to a furnace if left running overnight without a filter. However, this should never become a permanent solution. If you run your furnace for a prolonged period without a filter, certain problems may arise. 

Furnace running without a filter can lead to:

  • Bad Air Quality

By not having a filter, you are leaving your furnace open to dust and debris. You and your family may end up breathing poor air quality in your home as a result of this. Allergic reactions and breathing problems can be made worse by this. If you phase any HVAC  related problem then you can contact us. We offer best HVAC repair in Hoover, AL.

  • Contaminated Ductwork

The ductwork can be clogged with air pollutants. Mold is most likely to grow in your ducts because moisture is present. This has resulted in declining air quality as well as an increase in health risks.

  • Falling The System

The purpose of furnace filters is to protect the furnace. If your furnace is not protected by a filter, it may accumulate dust particles in the interiors. Eventually, this leads to the falling of the system.

Although an air filter may seem like a simple item, its presence can increase furnace costs. Maintaining a furnace can extend its lifespan far beyond one that requires repairs or is worn out. 

Filters that have recently been cleaned are more likely to operate at higher efficiency and effectiveness than clogged filters.

Keeping your HVAC system in good working order can be achieved by performing service tune-ups with Complete Air Services. If you need to schedule heating service in Hoover, AL, because of an immediate problem with your furnace, Complete Air Services can help. Call us at (205) 467-6229 or drop a text message at (205) 482-5100.