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Reasons Why Your AC Could Be Leaking Water

Have you been looking for AC service in Hoover AL? Is your air conditioner giving you problems? There are several reasons why your Air Conditioner is leaking water, and a faulty Air Conditioner can be very distressing. Sometimes just a small repair or part replacement is more than enough, but sometimes you might require an overall replacement in your Air Conditioner unit. Here are some common reasons why – 

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters can cause the airflow to be stinted and the evaporator coil to cool and then freeze over. When the Air Conditioner is switched off, it will melt and might drip into the pan, resulting in overflowing. You must keep your filter clean if it is not used very regularly. However, if your Air Conditioner is heavy-duty and used very often, especially in the summers, we recommend replacing the filter every three to four months.

Blocked or Broken Condensation Drain Pipe

Over time, just like the air filter, your condensation drain can get dirty and block up with dust, mold, dirty sludge from the pan, etc. Thus making it difficult for the water to go out the drain. This results in backflow and eventual leaking of water. Sometimes this drain pipe brakes, and that can also cause the leaking of water.

Broken Condensate Pump

Sometimes, the water needs to be pumped out to the higher ground if the Air Conditioner is located in the basement. If this pump is not properly installed, broken, or damaged, the water will flow back into your device and cause leakage.

Low Refrigerant/Coolant Levels

Low refrigerant/coolant will cause low pressure in your air conditioner unit, and similar to what happens with a dirty air filter, the evaporator coil will end up freezing. Then again, when it melts, it causes flooding. While such a situation is repairable, it is suggested that you replace your air conditioner unit.

Faulty Unit

At times, if inexperienced professionals install your air conditioner unit, it can be set up wrong. It can be set at an angle, tilted inwards, which can cause the backflow of water. Leaking water can also signify that you need to start looking for an AC contractor in Hoover AL, and get your HVAC system replaced.

Damaged Condensate pan

Another sign you need to contact HVAC repair in Hoover, AL, would be if your condensate pan is broken or damaged. These pans can get corrupted, develop rust, or in some cases, break or get holes. The condensate pans are generally quite strong, so if this happens, it generally means that your air conditioner unit is old and due for replacement.

Hoover, Alabama, is characterized by warm temperatures, and you must have a well-functioning HVAC system to lead a comfortable life. It is also suggested that you get regular maintenance and tune-ups at least once every year to maintain the optimal functioning of your air conditioner.    

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