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The Ultimate Guide to Heating Maintenance for Homeowners

In the winter, we all need an efficiently working heater to make the home warm. To get this facility, you need to maintain your furnace. A well-maintained furnace has a good life span and requires low service costs. Here are the points that will help you in maintaining your heating system. 

What is an HVAC system? 

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is a system that circulates the indoor and outdoor air in the areas of a building to keep your place warm or cool. This system helps in keeping the air inside your home clean. By maintaining the quality of air, the HVAC systems help you keep your home healthy by reducing allergens from the indoor air. 

What are the Types of HVAC Units?

Nowadays, there are many options available to keep your home warm. These types are grouped into four major categories. These categories are as follows: 

  • Standard HVAC and heating system
  • Geothermal energy system
  • Zoned valve HVAC systems
  • Direct heat options

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The Part of an HVAC Unit and Their Work

The customers should be aware of the parts of an HVAC unit and their function. It will help you in maintaining the furnace easily. 

  • Fuel

The most common fuels for a heater to produce heat are natural gas, petroleum oil, coal, wood, animal fat, and vegetable oil. However, geothermal systems need only electricity to run. 

  • Thermostat

You need to choose a temperature preference and let the thermostat automatically set your room’s temperature. A thermostat keeps the room as warm as you like. This device will also turn the heat off or low when nobody is inside. 

  • Burner

The fuel for the function of your heater burns in the burner. Thus, the burner produces hot air and pushes it through the vents. 

  • Combustion Chamber

An extreme heat-generating reaction occurs in the combustion chamber of your HVAC unit. A combustion chamber is designed to retain the heat produced inside. It is very important to clean and maintain the combustion chamber because poor maintenance can cause explosions. 

  • Boiler

A boiler boils the water with the help of the burned fuel. The boiler heats until the water converts into vapor or steam. 

  • Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger transfers the thermal energy from one location to another. A heat exchanger consists of aluminum or copper coils that help it perform this function. 

  • Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The condenser coil and evaporator coil are significant parts of your HVAC unit that you must maintain properly. An HVAC unit with clean coils burns less fuel and uses less energy. 

  • Heat Pump

A heat pump moves the energy with the help of mechanical energy. If there is an issue with your heat pump, you must call your HVAC experts for furnace repair in Hoover, AL

  • Filter 

Maintaining the filter is very critical for the proper functioning of your heater. It would help if you cleaned the filters regularly. Also, you should replace the filter every three months.

Other significant parts are the blower, ducts, vents, exhaust air, etc. 

A Checklist for your Heater Maintenance 

If you want to maintain your heater, a checklist will help you manage the tasks. However, you should always keep this fact in mind that sometimes, heater maintenance can be dangerous. Contact your heater contractor for an HVAC repair in Hoover, AL, if you have any doubt. 

  1. Check your thermostat settings
  2. Check the electric connection and fix it if required  
  3. Apply lubricant to the moving parts
  4. Keep cleaning the condensate drain drain 
  5. Check start and shut-off cycles
  6. Check oil and gas connections 
  7. Check burner combustion
  8. Examine gas pressure
  9. Check heat exchanger
  10. Clean/change air filter

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