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Tips To Change Your Air Filter

Changing the HVAC filter is a quick and painless procedure that should take no more than a few minutes. Remove the old, dirty filter and replace it with the new one.

It’s difficult to say when you should change your AC filter. The kind of filter you are using in your system affects it. It includes how often your HVAC unit operates and factors in your home that influence the indoor environmental quality, such as domestic pets, smoking within the house, families with allergies and asthma, etc., all influence frequency. It would help replace filters with lower MERV ratings every week, while those with higher MERV values can last much longer. We provide one of the best AC service in Hoover, AL to your doorstep.

You must, as a rule of thumb, check your filter once a month to see if it needs to get replaced. Pull the filter out of the cabinet and examine it. It’s time to replace the filter media if they get completely covered in grey matter, and there’s no clean space left.

Steps To Change The Air Filter

  • Pull the current filter up or down as necessary to dislodge it from its container. If the filter has been in position for a long time, you may need to use force.
  • Remove any screws that are keeping the filter in place. Pull-on the filter until it comes off if there are no screws.
  • Lift the filter off with care so that it does not fall to the floor.
  • Install the entire filter in the same place as the old one. Before putting it back into place, make sure it fits tightly inside the aperture.
  • Using the correct tools, reconnect all required equipment, such as hoses, brackets, and so on.
  • Switch the unit on and test it to make sure it’s working correctly.
  • Enjoy, now you’ve changed the filter; your air conditioner will work more efficiently.

When To Take Help From AC Companies

  • You can’t seem to figure out where the filter is.
  • You can’t figure out where the filter is in its chamber.
  • If the cover for the filter box is stuck and you can’t remove it to reach the filter.
  • Even if the new filter is the correct size, it may not fit properly inside your system after you replace the old filter.
  • The filter dislodges from its frame and becomes lodged in the HVAC system.
  • When you take out the old filter, you discover it’s moist and moldy.

Bottom Line

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