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Top 3 Ways to Prep Your Home Before Your Summer Vacation

As summer approaches, we decide to go on a vacation with our loved ones. But it is also necessary to keep your home safe when you leave. Even if you are on summer vacation, make sure to save energy in your home. Protect your home from problems such as poor indoor air quality and malfunctions. By taking the time to prepare your home before the holidays, you can save yourself from unnecessary expenses. So, make sure you book an appointment with an AC repair in Hoover, AL, to inspect issues in the current AC unit.

Thermostat Temperature Settings

If automation of the entire house is not possible or within your budget, ensure that you program your air conditioning system thermostats to a temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot before leaving for your traveling venture. Many people might think to turn off the air conditioner before leaving. However, due to the hot and unbearable heat and humidity in Alabama, this is not the best strategy because the outdoor temperature can quickly adversely affect your home. We are one of the best AC Companies Hoover AL

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it according to the weather back home or turn it off during severe storms, which may turn off the electricity and cause problems with the air conditioner.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Clean And Maintained

When you leave and enjoy peace and tranquility, you never know when an issue will arise in your home. Protect your AC and home from damage in Central Alabama by calling the best HVAC repair in Hoover, AL.

Changing The Air Filter Before You Leave  

If you have left your Air Conditioning System on before leaving for vacation, the air in your home will continue to be filtered by the air conditioner and circulate in the house. So when you are away, your home will accumulate dirt, and dust so make sure to check the air filter. If you find that the air filter is dirty or needs to be changed, request a call to an expert AC repair.

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