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Why Does My AC Keep Freezing Up?

If you’ve noticed your air conditioner freezing in the past few weeks, your air conditioner might be in trouble. While your air conditioner is responsible for providing cool air to your home, the unit freezing up is not a good sign. In most cases, a frozen air conditioner will no longer provide proper airflow. You may notice either too hot or too cold air coming out of your air conditioner.

This article will discuss what may be causing the problem and what can be done about it.

What Is Causing The AC To Freeze?

High Moisture Content 

Your air conditioner works by lowering the temperature of the air as it blows from the compressor to your rooms. However, if this air is humid and contains a high moisture level lowering the temperature will cause the water to condense and form ice. This will deposit on your coils, and you’ll notice no more airflow is coming from your AC.

Not Enough Airflow

The airflow is the main component of the air conditioner. If the air flows too much, your AC will give out warm air because it does not have enough time or refrigerant to cool the air. On the other hand, if the airflow is insufficient, the air will take less time to cool down, which will cause a condensation effect, and you’ll notice ice forming. Insufficient airflow can be due to clogged filters, broken motors, or even improper placing of the compressor.

Clogged Coils

If dust particles have entered your unit’s refrigerant coil, they may be blocked. These coils are often surrounded by moist air, and when they’re blocked, the air surrounding the coil has enough time to freeze and form ice. This will further combine with moisture and result in ice build-up.

Can You Fix These On Your Own?

Unfortunately, these problems cannot be fixed without professional help. While there are video tutorials available for these, we recommend not using them because they can cause lasting harm to your unit. Instead, we recommend calling one of the best AC companies in Hoover, AL, to come and fix your unit. 

Self-diagnosis and problem solving can cause ongoing problems in your unit, which will then have to be replaced. Additionally, you’ll also be violating your warranty. An HVAC technician has experience in diagnosing and solving the problems of most heating and cooling units and will be able to do the same for you.

With the help of a contractor, you can solve the problem in no time by calling for AC repair Hoover, AL, and it will save you money. Most contractors also provide warranties for their services which you can avail of if you notice any problem.

Don’t Have Anyone To Call?

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